Bracket Matrix update

Yesterday, the NCAA announced that the selection committee would be revealing a preview of the top 16 seeds on February 11th, a month before Selection Sunday. I’ll write a follow-up at that time comparing their top 16 with my own. This preview will be helpful to those of us participating in the Bracket Matrix as it provides a little insight into what the committee views most favorably in their selection process. However, it is not all that helpful to fans since everyone will pretty much already know who are the top 16 teams, give or take a few. These teams are extremely likely to be in the field of 68 a month later as well, so it provides very little insight as to who is on the bubble.

I am hosting my most recent Bracket projections on a static page this year instead of as unique blog posts so they are easier to find. I am aiming to make updates twice weekly until March, at which point I will aim for daily updates. All of my projections are entirely formula-based; I am not interjecting my own opinion or making any adjustments to what the formula projects to be the current field. There will be one exception to this: my final entry for the Bracket Matrix will require some adjustments to account for shortest travel distance for top 16 seeds as well as prevention of intra-conference match-ups on the first weekend. My formula does not currently include this criteria; I hope to automate this for next season but won’t have the time to do so for this year’s tournament.

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