Ticket Watch NY6, 12/6/16

Get-in prices for all of the NY6 bowls will updated in the Google spreadsheet every week until the week of the games. Tickets to the Cotton Bowl became comically cheap once the teams were announced; you can get in for $6 and can get a really good seat for under $50 easily. Tickets for the national championship are steadily rising, and will jump even further up if Alabama and Ohio State get there; prices will plummet if it is Washington and Clemson, and will stay about where they are if only one of Alabama or Ohio State get there.

The Rose Bowl get-in price shot up once USC was announced there, and the Orange Bowl had a slight uptick with the announcement of Michigan and Florida State. The Fiesta Bowl is very inexpensive for a playoff game, but this can be explained by two things: location and teams involved. First, unlike the Peach Bowl for Alabama, the Fiesta Bowl is too far away to drive to for both Clemson and Ohio State. Additionally, both teams’ fan bases are likely holding out for a trip the following week to Tampa. Each of these teams has played in the title game in the past two years; a semi-final is nothing special to them.


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