Remaining Unbeaten Teams, Week 10

All 5 undefeated teams won again in Week 10. The table below illustrates probabilities of maintaining the unbeaten records listed in the column headers.

Games involving an unbeaten team in Week 11:

Western Michigan at Kent State, Tuesday 7:30PM ET

Mississippi State at Alabama, Saturday Noon ET

Pitt at Clemson, Saturday 3:30PM ET

USC at Washington, Saturday 7:30PM ET

Michigan at Iowa, Saturday 8PM ET

Team 10-0 11-0  12-0
Alabama 99.5% 99.5% 94.7%
Clemson 98.1% 96.2% 94.1%
Western Michigan 87.6% 85.9% 58.8%
Washington 67.6% 59.5% 43.7%
Michigan 93.8% 92.8% 27.3%

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