Ticket Watch Week 1

The following table lists the entry prices for all games involving AP Top 25 teams this week. Prices as of Tuesday morning as seen on StubHub.


*Note that AT&T Stadium has Standing Room Only tickets. Prices for those tickets are not reflected in the table; SRO started at $60.

A few things that jump out to me are that point spread seems to be the strongest measurable variable affecting entry price; the smaller spreads tend to have higher entry prices. Next, if a game features two ranked teams the price tends to be higher. Also interesting is that games at neutral sites are all in the top half of the table, though all but one of those also feature two ranked teams so it is difficult to say if the neutral site actually does elevate the entry price. Supply and demand seems to be fairly neutral, as the larger capacity stadiums tend to have higher entry prices, though these large stadiums also typically belong to higher profile teams. On the lower end, the data suggests that scheduling an FCS opponent will ensure a low ticket value. Scheduling games on a day other than Saturday doesn’t seem to have any direct affect on the price.

I will take a look at ticket prices of games involving top 25 teams all season, and will have a season review of all of these games at the end of the year to take a look at any consistent patterns in prices.


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