Ticket watch Week 13

Week Home Rank Home team Opp Opp Rank Entry price Notes
13 12 Florida Florida St 13 207
13 Auburn Alabama 2 161
13 11 Oklahoma St Oklahoma 3 154
13 10 Michigan Ohio St 8 148
13 Nebraska Iowa 4 142 Friday game
13 Southern Cal UCLA 22 139
13 Washington Washington St 20 119 Friday game
13 21 Mississippi St Ole Miss 18 113
13 NC State North Carolina 14 101
13 South Carolina Clemson 1 78
13 9 Stanford Notre Dame 6 72
13 19 TCU Baylor 7 49 Friday game
13 17 Oregon Oregon St 44 Friday game
13 16 Northwestern Illinois 39 at Soldier Field
13 23 Utah Colorado 34
13 24 Toledo Western Michigan 22 Friday game
13 25 Temple UConn 17
13 Houston Navy 15 9 Friday game
13 5 Michigan St Penn St 0

MSU Ticket PricesMichigan State! What is going on here?? This is a game where they can clinch the division, and students are giving away tickets on StubHub. Meanwhile, their athletic department is getting desperate too:MSU ticket promo

This can be looked at in a couple ways. First, if you’re a Michigan State fan, this is an absolute steal of a price to go see your playoff-contending team in their home finale. On the other hand, why in the world is Michigan State struggling to fill their stadium when the team is ranked #5 and coming off an enormous win? This is not a new phenomenon, as just two weeks ago Michigan State struggled to sell tickets for the Maryland game. I do have a hypothesis, and would love to be proven wrong because it is just a sad indictment of their inferiority complex and/or obsession with the University of Michigan: Michigan State fans do not want to attend their team’s home games because doing so would prevent them from watching Michigan play.

I say this because I know a lot of Spartan fans that love watching their team play. However, a startling number of them rarely attend games (the exception being when they play Michigan), but love watching them on TV. It’s not for a lack of interest in their team, or not wanting to be outside in the cold (they LOVE tailgating). Their game this week is far from the least appealing match-up on this list. It is indisputably more appealing than Toledo/Western Michigan, Temple/UConn, and Utah/Colorado. And while it is an artificial rivalry, it is still a more appealing match-up on the field than Northwestern/Illinois, Oregon/Oregon St, North Carolina/NC State, or Clemson/South Carolina, all of which are commanding more than the MSU ticket office promotion. In a vacuum their lack of attendance doesn’t seem too bad, but placed side by side with other ranked teams it is pretty damning.

Anyway, great value in the Stanford/Notre Dame and TCU/Baylor games this week. The top ten most expensive are all rivalry games, with ranking seeming to correlate well to price.



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