BoW 2015 College Football Ranking Index Week 11

Rankings updated thru Week 11 (11/14/2015):

Rank Team Conference
1 Alabama SEC
2 Clemson ACC
3 Oklahoma XII
4 Iowa B1G
5 Oklahoma State XII
6 Notre Dame Ind
7 Stanford PAC12
8 Ohio State B1G
9 Florida SEC
10 Michigan State B1G
11 Utah PAC12
12 North Carolina ACC
13 Southern California PAC12
14 Northwestern B1G
15 Oregon PAC12
16 Texas Christian XII
17 Michigan B1G
18 Houston Amer
19 Louisiana State SEC
20 Florida State ACC
21 Arkansas SEC
22 Mississippi SEC
23 Washington State PAC12
24 Baylor XII
25 Navy Amer

Alabama and Clemson remain atop the standings. Oklahoma replaces Stanford. Iowa remain in the top 4.

Highlights from Week 11:

ACC: North Carolina blows out Miami, making a strong statement that they should be considered a contender. All ranked teams hold serve for the week.

B1G: Iowa narrowly escapes Minnesota at home; Michigan has an even narrower escape at Indiana. No upsets this week.

Big XII: Oklahoma pulls a huge win at Baylor, essentially knocking the Bears and their weak schedule out of playoff contention. Oklahoma St hangs on to win in Ames, TCU barely avoids an embarrassing loss to winless Kansas.

PAC12: Upsets galore! Oregon takes out Stanford on the road, Washington St beats UCLA at the Rose Bowl, and Arizona hangs on in double OT to beat Utah. The Pac12 is now on the outside looking in at the playoff.

SEC: Alabama crushes Mississippi St and establishes their dominance in the SEC West. LSU takes itself out of the running with a terrible home loss to Arkansas.

Elsewhere: Houston mounts a huge comeback to stay unbeaten. Temple is blown out at South Florida.

Prediction for CFP top 4: Unchanged; Clemson, Alabama, Ohio St, Notre Dame. Oklahoma should make a big jump. I’ll post a comparison of polls, updated playoff scenarios, and a Week 12 preview after the new rankings are released Tuesday.


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