Tournament Preview

It has been a lot of fun participating in the Bracket Matrix for the first time, even though my formula didn’t do so great compared to everyone else (though I did beat the Yahoo Sports guy!). I’m currently testing out my formula’s ability to predict winners against the spread, and the metric I’m using has produced the following as the “safest” picks to cover:

Kansas -10.5 over New Mexico St

Hampton +34.5 over Kentucky (personally I would never touch a spread this big, but that’s what the metric says to do)

St John’s +3.5 over San Diego St

VCU +4 over Ohio St

Texas Southern +23.5 over Arizona

Notre Dame -11.5 over Northeastern

North Dakota St +18 over Gonzaga

LSU +2 over NC State

Georgia +5.5 over Michigan St

Louisville -8 over UC Irvine

Beyond the first 6 games listed the results are not as statistically significant, but I wanted to include a large enough sample size to produce tangible results. I’ll check back in after these 10 games have been played to share results.

**Please do not put much stock in these picks; I personally would not put any money on any of these, as I have yet to test the data (this is the test of the data!). I am only putting these out there as a measure of accountability.


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