BoW Merit Index: Week 7

Last week I said I wouldn’t make any changes to the formula mid-season. Well, I’ve decided to eliminate the bias given for just beating a team from a Power 5 conference (which was causing wins over Vanderbilt to look better than they really were) and capped the margin of victory component at 30 points; beating a team by 30 now gets just as many MOV points as beating a team by 50, 70, whatever. Once a winning margin is above 30, it really doesn’t prove a team is marginally any better. I don’t think beating SMU by 56 is any more impressive than beating them by 42, for example. Having said that, here’s the newest top 10, with Week 7 reflecting the changes. The changes are applied to every game this season, but I’m not going to retroactively change the top 10 from previous weeks. It has helped some teams, but didn’t really hurt anyone that much. Marshall is interesting; I think they will slip down as other teams rack up more impressive wins (I do still account for the strength of the opponent, and beating a good Power 5 team is worth a lot more than beating a good mid-major).

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
Week1 Temple Texas A&M Mississippi State Texas State Nebraska Memphis Pittsburgh Arizona Baylor Middle Tennessee
Week2 Brigham Young Texas A&M Oklahoma Mississippi Baylor Auburn Notre Dame Arizona State Pittsburgh Temple
Week3 Texas A&M Baylor Mississippi Oklahoma Brigham Young Pittsburgh Alabama Notre Dame Mississippi State Arizona State
Week4 Texas A&M Oklahoma Alabama Baylor Brigham Young Mississippi State Arkansas Mississippi Duke Auburn
Week5 Texas A&M Baylor Nebraska Oklahoma UCLA Brigham Young Alabama Mississippi Auburn Texas Christian
Week6 Baylor Texas A&M Auburn UCLA Ohio State Mississippi State Mississippi Marshall Oklahoma Florida State
Week7 Mississippi State Mississippi Marshall Baylor Auburn Oklahoma Florida State Texas A&M Oregon Georgia

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